Fluid forms excite me and the moving body energizes me. At the center of my studio practice, drawing takes me to magical, meditative spaces and, it provides a portal to large-scale painting, interactive installation, and collaborative performance.

8.Vellum.#8.2011WebEach of my drawings is a mapping of a moving meditation and an exploration of the emerging unexpected. Automatic drawing and intuitive mark making are my portals to a metaphoric world of imagined imagery that explores growth, renewal and, transformation. Inspired by fluid movement and organic form, and working from the lineage of earthwork artists such as Ana Mendieta and Michelle Stuart, my work explores the relationship of the body to the earth and the human connection to all life forms through movement made manifest.

Stimulated by seven years of Continuum Movement practice and ten years collaborative performance experience, my artistic practice has made a significant shift from responding to the movement of another to responding to my own movement. My drawings are now the size of my reach as I move across the floor with my entire body, creating marks with my hands and my feet, pushing the boundaries and capabilities of my artistic practice. I press wide graphite sticks in multiple directions with continuous, overlapping marks of varying density. With the exclusive use of graphite, I incorporate as much timbre, texture, and variety in the marks themselves to imply color in the use of a single medium. Layering leads to a deepening of the process. Created on the floor, the work encompasses me in the process of making. When hung vertically, the work encompasses the scale and the visibility of the viewer. Ultimately, the drawings are the embodiment of the space between the breathing body and the breathing earth.